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The iBridge Network has drawn attention from a variety of media outlets...

Two Big Ones, Off the Shelf
The Huffington Post – May 8, 2012
If you're looking for a way to boost economic growth in the U.S., start with some of the country's key assets: great universities, full of people doing excellent research.

University of Michigan > A New Tysabri
Osage University Partners Blog – February 2, 2011
iBridge is a great resource for entrepreneurs who are looking for technologies to license. Many premiere universities including Michigan, Columbia, MIT, Penn, and Harvard, participate in the iBridge program.

Improving the Commercialization of University Inventions
BusinessWeek – March 1, 2010
The federal government should require universities receiving research grants to allow faculty inventors the right to choose their licensing agent.

Defending the University Tech Transfer System
BusinessWeek – February 19, 2010
Arundeep S. Pradhan urges policymakers to keep intact the Bayh-Dole Act and support the current system used to commercialize federally-funded academic research.

Medical research is dominated by government and corporate funding. How can philanthropic dollars find a distinctive niche?
Philanthropy Roundtable – January 1, 2010
Even though the philanthropic sector’s resources are dwarfed by those of the public and for-profit sectors, private philanthropy still has one crucial advantage.

Kauffman Foundation Foundation Experts' Solution for University Technology Licensing Reform Named to List of 'Ten Breakthrough Ideas for 2010' by Harvard Business Review
Kauffman Foundation – December 17, 2009
Authors say a free agency for inventors will get innovations to the market faster and create jobs, benefit consumers, researchers and universities

Bringing Energy to Economic Development
Ben Franklin Technology Partners (BFTP) 2009 Annual Report
In early 2009 Ben Franklin Technology Partners (BFTP) announced a partnership enabling seven of its universities to contribute their research to the iBridge Network. BFTP most recently included mention of this partnership with iBridge on page 18 of its Annual Report, "Bringing Energy to Economic Development".

White House Expresses Support for Kauffman-New Economy Initiative to Revitalize Detroit
Kauffman Foundation – June 24, 2009
The White House is showing its support for Kauffman programs in Detroit that are expected to create 1,200 new companies and nearly 5,000 new jobs in the next three years, as well as save as many as 20,000 existing jobs in minority-owned companies that supply products and services to the automotive and other industries.

iBridge Network helps connect university researchers who want to share their innovations with scientists and companies looking to license new methodology and technology
Chemical & Engineering News – May 25, 2009
The program’s website , updated in February, has advanced navigation and search capabilities and allows users to create their own unique profiles. Currently, iBridge lists almost 620 “drug discovery” innovations and some 430 “chemical” innovations in its network. Users can also receive updates tailored to their research interests via the iBNewsfeed notifications system, which is a new website feature. In April, the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center, which promotes knowledge and technology from institutions in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, joined iBridge, adding 20 universities and organizations and about 3,000 innovations to the growing network.

Penn research leads the way across iBridge
The Daily Pennsylvanian – February 20, 2009
About 900 Penn-based innovations are listed on iBridge Network, an online forum to facilitate an exchange between researchers and companies looking to license new technology.

Organizations Showcase Web-Based Tech-Transfer Tools at University Tech Managers Meeting
Genomeweb – February 18, 2009
Eli Lilly, Cornell University, and the Kauffman Foundation's iBridge Network each unveiled web-based initiatives for facilitating tech transfer at last week's Association of University Technology Managers annual meeting.

iBridge: Social Networking for the Tech Transfer Set
science progress – February 13, 2009
A networking system like this could help spur the commercialization process of federally funded research.

The Latest Online Match: Companies Can Hook Up With Universities on Tech Transfer
The Chronicle of Higher Education – February 13, 2009
iBridge Network lets institutions share information about inventions and research tools developed by their faculty members, in order to foster collaboration among institutions, companies, and professors.

Innovation Economics — Cool News of the Day
Reveries.com – November 11, 2008
The Cool News of the Day recognizes the iBridge Network as one way to move innovation forward as discussed in the New York Times on November 11, 2008.

Helping America Keep Its Innovative Edge
New York Times – November 11, 2008
The iBridge Network is recognized as one way in which the Kauffman Foundation is moving innovation forward and working to keep the United States on the forefront of “innovation economics.”

NineSigma Welcomes iBridge Network to Innovation Alliance Program
Cleveland, OH (Marketwire) – July 30, 2008
NineSigma, the leading provider of open innovation solutions, today announced that iBridge(SM) Network, a program of the Kauffman Innovation Network, Inc., has joined the company's Innovation Alliance Program.

The promise and pitfalls of using an IP exchange
Technology Transfer Tactics – April 2008
All of the IP exchanges offer a marketplace where potential licensees can shop for innovations, but each one has unique characteristics that may make it a more suitable choice for a given TTO or technology.

Announcing the Protocol for Implementing Open Access Data
Science Commons Blog – December 16, 2007
The Protocol is a method for ensuring that scientific databases can be legally integrated with one another.

Resources for Entrepreneurs
The Washington Post – September 24, 2007
The Kauffman Innovation Network is offering the iBridge Network, an online searchable database with the latest news in research, technologies and findings at U.S. universities.

Internet Tools for New Ventures
The Web Millionaire – August 29, 2007
University researchers, industry representatives, and entrepreneurs can use the iBridge website to search for innovations that, until now, have been lost and untapped behind university walls.

A closer look at The iBridge Network - over 900 innovations strong
Science Commons – July 16, 2007
We are collaborating with the project to deploy the initial release of our MTA system for use on the network, available to all participating schools.

Technology Transfer: Another Matchmaker Sets Up Shop
The Deal – March/April 2007
The Deal, in a profile of the iBridge Network, focuses on the Network’s search and navigation, professional writing services, and tech transfer community building.

Report: Tech transfer must look for hits, not just home runs
Kansas City Business Journal – April 12, 2007
The iBridge Network is cited as one key way for universities to increase the volume of technologies to commercialize, according to a new report on technology transfer practices.

A New Tool to Monitor University Science Research
BusinessWeek – February 20, 2007
A new site, iBridge Network, posts scientific papers on drug discoveries, biomedical advances, materials, and other areas.

New Kauffman effort hopes to spur tech transfer
Kansas City Business Journal – January 30, 2007
The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation has launched a Web site designed to spark the development of untapped innovations lost behind university walls.

Startup freeing the good stuff from university research labs
NetworkWorld.com – Southborough, MA – January 31, 2007
Looking to change that situation is the Kauffman Innovation Network and its nonprofit iBridge Network, announced this morning at Network World's DEMO 07

Partnering With a University
Entrepreneur Magazine – June 2006
Universities have long been centers of innovation. Now, many are partnering with entrepreneurs to commercialize their ideas.

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